Multiplex Residential Complex

We invest in multiplexes with great values to provide homes with great values to our tenants


We also invest in free-hold townhouses to provide homes to families who will be our long-term tenants

Detached Family Home

When it is prudent, we also invest in single detached family homes that we will rent to families who will appreciate the neighborhood and space the homes provide

Low-rise Multi-Family Homes

Our preferred investment is in low-rise multi-family homes that will provide long-term stability to our shareholders, partners and tenants

Clean and Healthy Living

All our properties have been renovated, are well maintained to provide clean and healthy living to our tenants

Camindo Corp is a privately owned holding company that focuses on acquiring and holding properties in Ontario, Canada

Our vision is to create long-term value to our shareholders, partners and tenants; and our mission is to acquire properties at great values that can be turned around into clean and healthy homes to our tenants at affordable price and value ratio


We invest primarily in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is the heartland of Canada where most of Canadian GDP (Gross Domestic Products) is generated.

Ottawa, ON

We hold properties in Ottawa area. Ottawa is a great place to live and has been proven to be not only a great city but also robust economy that provides us with excellent return of investment for us

Windsor, ON

After the economic downturn that had started in 2008, we acquired several properties in Windsor area due to great values that we have been able to find

Cambridge, ON

Cambridge is a great City to live with vibrant and diverse economy. One of the biggest employers is Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada.

Ottawa Home

This house in Ottawa has been in our holding for more than 10 years and rented to a long-term tenant

Windsor Home

This is one of the properties we acquired in Windsor, Ontario. We had acquired this property and have had this renovated in 2 months.


We renovate most of our properties after we acquired them at great value. We rent them at great price to our long-term tenants

Properties with Great Values to our Shareholders and Tenants

Clean, Healthy and Affordable Living !
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